Citrus Juice and Its Health Benefits

Citrus juice has significant benefits to offer that cannot be provided from other fruit juices. It is their high concentrations of Vitamin C which makes them highly desirable and beneficial to our health. Surprisingly, human beings are one of the few species that does not make its own supply of this vital vitamin.

It has often been suggested that we suffer many of our illnesses such as viruses and cancer due to our lack of Vitamin C. It is responsible for fighting the free radicals that causes damage to the cells in our body. Thousands of years ago, the picture was slightly different as we ate much more fruit than we do today. We have hands that are designed to pick and grasp fruit and so this was an easy food source for us to obtain. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of juicing machines like the Jack Lalanne juicer it is now much easier to get your daily quota of fruit.

It is believed our bodies compensated by producing less of this important vitamin until today where we produce none. This causes us a problem as the modern diet contains very little fruit and, as such, our Vitamin C intake is inadequate.

Juicing has become a fast, enjoyable and refreshing way to boost our health. It is a natural way of increasing our intake of essential nutrients. There is no need to spend a lot of money regularly on expensive vitamins and supplements.

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The Beneficial Effects of Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are very nutritious beverages having many health benefits. The drink provides many health benefits for all ages. They are very tasty drinks and, as an added benefit can be a boost to your health. Fruits contain a lot of different nutrients and vitamins. Mixing different fruits into the same drink ensures you get all these varieties. A good juicer like the jack lalanne power juicers will help you get the best out of your fruit.

Different fruit juices contain different benefits but mixing then can have a synergistic effect, boosting their properties. People drinking fruit juices have a lower risk of suffering from chronic diseases than their counterparts. Fruit juices make people leaner, increases their body’s insulin sensitivity and lowers the risk of obesity. The risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes can also be reduced by regularly drinking fruit juices. A reduced body mass index and smaller waist circumferences are all characteristics of people who regularly consume fruit juice.

High nutritional compounds and health bonuses can be found in blueberry juice. Urinary tract infections can be lowered due to these benefits. It helps in the killing of many infectious viruses and is supposed to aid in the treatment of diarrhoea. People who have suffered from stokes or heart problems can also be helped.

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Wheat Grass and its Health Boosting Properties

Like a large variety of grasses reared in the field such as oats, rye and barley, wheat grass belongs to the same group. It also refers to grass that is grown inside in special trays for around 10 days from which, later on, their juice is squeezed and consumed fresh. Grass that is dried and dehydrated for around sixty days is used to manufacture nutritional supplements. Such juice when mixed with some of the sprouted wheat berries is particularly rich in chlorophyll content. This juice is known to cleanse the body and to neutralize many of the toxins in our body along with slowing down the process of aging and at the same time is believed to help prevent cancer. A lot of people are aware of the benefits of these juices after seeing those TV adverts for the Jack Lalanne juicer machine which extol the virtue of fresh juices.

Wheat grass can certainly benefit a number of serious diseases as has been demonstrated by many medical professionals. The herbal form is frequently used as medicine and is believed to possess healing properties similar to those of the aloe vera plant. If you have ever noticed, cats and dogs will often nibble grass when they feel unwell or sick, which underlies their medicinal use. All the rotten food that sits in the gastrointestinal tract, producing toxins, can be neutralized by this foodstuff. Most of the enzymes that are found in the wheat grass have the power to detoxify most of the toxins and additives found in our normal daily diet.

Green plants are full of chlorophyll which is known to be their life blood. Most of the medical professionals feel that wheat grass should not be cooked as cooking could kill most of the chlorophyll and therefore destroy its beneficial effects. Suggestions of the good of fresh chlorophyll comes from the observation that many grass eating animals rarely get cancerous conditions. Chlorophyll cannot detoxify the body itself but has certain enzymes in it that do have the power to detoxify.

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