Citrus Juice and Its Health Benefits

Citrus juice has significant benefits to offer that cannot be provided from other fruit juices. It is their high concentrations of Vitamin C which makes them highly desirable and beneficial to our health. Surprisingly, human beings are one of the few species that does not make its own supply of this vital vitamin.

It has often been suggested that we suffer many of our illnesses such as viruses and cancer due to our lack of Vitamin C. It is responsible for fighting the free radicals that causes damage to the cells in our body. Thousands of years ago, the picture was slightly different as we ate much more fruit than we do today. We have hands that are designed to pick and grasp fruit and so this was an easy food source for us to obtain. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of juicing machines like the Jack Lalanne juicer it is now much easier to get your daily quota of fruit.

It is believed our bodies compensated by producing less of this important vitamin until today where we produce none. This causes us a problem as the modern diet contains very little fruit and, as such, our Vitamin C intake is inadequate.

Juicing has become a fast, enjoyable and refreshing way to boost our health. It is a natural way of increasing our intake of essential nutrients. There is no need to spend a lot of money regularly on expensive vitamins and supplements.

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The Juicing Way to Better Health

Breville has come up with one of the best sorts of juice extractors available. This kind is one that features a unique juicing cone and gives you useful safety features for all the people in your home. This wonder is the Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press and it is among the premier juice extractors to use on the market. Another great product to consider is the Breville JE900 Juice Fountain Professional Juice Extractor.

The Breville Die-Cast Citrus Press is a juicer that is special its unique juicing cone. This is the Quadra-Fin juicing cone. This cone can be adjusted and can be tweaked to fit many different foods for juicing, covering most things from apples to grapefruits. It is also easy for the cone to work with the food so that it will be easier to get it properly juiced. The best thing about this is that there is no need to change cones for different kinds of ingredients.

The Active-Arm press on the top of the juicer is another of the loved features here. This works to help sense the arm’s position on the handle so that it will be easier to know when to turn on the juicer. It can eject with ease thanks to one push of a button. What’s more important about this feature is that it only starts when there is nothing in it but the fruit, making it a less dangerous juice extractor to use. The Breville JE900 is another product to look into.

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Using Juice Recipes To Boost Health

Health is becoming a major concern these days, and for good reason. The very air we breathe is full of toxins that enter our bodies and cause all kinds of problems. The processed foods we eat aren’t giving us enough of what the body needs, so although we eat three meals a day our body is still starving, but we don’t think it is since we feel “full”. It has become clear that prevention is more important than treatement.

It is quite common to feel sluggish and drained when the body lacks the proper nutrition. These are the things that oil the internal workings of our body, that feed the immune system, and that give our incredible bio-machine it’s filtering power to deal with all of the aforementioned issues like air and preservatives that make our food unhealthy. With just a few small changes in your diet… juicing once or twice a day, you can get all the benefits of increased vitimains, minerals and enzymes. Even if you are consuming the typical “Western Diet” you can benefit greatly with fresh vesgetable juice recipes. By using juicing recipes to boost your health you can get some delicious drinks that will supercharge your body’s immune system, restore your health and even help your body to fight current health issues, there are many cases of people who have reversed chronic illnesses with the proper nutrition and there is no easier way than with juice made from fresh produce.

Juicing will allow you to deliver a flood of critical nutrients that your body needs, and your body will thank you. The long term benefits are good health and the absense of many chronic illnesses. In the short term you will notice increased energy, and a clearer head just to mention a couple!

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What to Look for in a Juicer

The field of Breville juice extractors is one that features a variety of professional-grade items. Not one of the other extractors are as fast as the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, however. This extractor from Breville runs at a high rate to remove juices with speed and with amazing efficiency. It is convenient that this is a dishwasher safe item.

This juice extractor uses one of the fastest and most revved-up engines for juice extractors. It can run at speeds all the way to thirteen thousand revolutions per minute. This is perfect for the ability to manage the hardest types of fruits and vegetables that can be very hard to juice sometimes. Additionally, it may be set at a more measured speed that is about half the speed of its fast setting. This can be perfect for more dainty fruits and vegetables.

One way that the juicer works is that it is able to grinding foods with no hassle. The Breville Juice Fountain Elite features over a hundred conical knives inside of the juicer to assist with grinding materials. The filter located at the end is particularly helpful, as well, because it contains close to forty thousand pores to help with keeping any solid parts of the juice out.

One example of how fast this extractor works is that it can make you a glass of juice in mere seconds. When turned on at its maximum power, an eight-ounce cup of apple juice can be extracted from apples in just five seconds. Of course, it could take a bit longer for other types of foods that can be juiced, but no matter what ingredient has been chosen, it does not take very long to get the materials to be completely juiced.

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