6 Foods That Are Keeping Your Detox Diet From Working

The six foods listed below will sabotage your ability to lose fat if you are eating them on a regular basis.

Doughnuts, Pastries

These are some of the worst foods that you can eat. They are cooked in oil, made with refined sugar, and contain tons of saturated fats/trans fats. {They have a negative nutritional value and not only make you fat but also destroy your health. They are unhealthy, they add to weight to your thighs and can make you sick.}
No wonder doughnuts have a hole in the middle. They are a big nutritional zero. This is exactly why they need to be avoided if you are a doing a detox diet for your body.

French Fries, Potato Chips

These are sodium-loaded, enzyme-dead foods.
In addition, the latest research now shows that they are high in acrilimide, a known cancer-causing agent.
  The acrilimide content in fast food french fries is three hundred times greater than what is actually allowed for a single cup of H20.
It seems like everyone in the USA is in love with toxic fried foods. Not only do they contain more than five hundred calories, they are extremely toxic to the body.

Store-Bought Juice, Fruit Drinks

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