The Growing Organic Food Market

The organic food market has grown at an extraordinary pace over the last five years and the growth is far from ending here. Thus, market studies indicate a potential doubling of the sales by 2011. Such statistics have in fact given a new direction to the growth of the organic food market as more and more food farmers choose to adapt to the new requirements in order to generate more revenue. Consumers, on the other hand, are determined to read ORGANIC on labels and thus stay away from the pesticides, the genetically modified organisms, the hormones and the antibiotics in conventional food.

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Why You Should Buy Organic For Your Baby

The prepared baby food market has registered a new stage in its evolution with the introduction of organic baby foods. Lots of parents pay a great deal of attention to the quality of the products they feed their very young siblings on. Organic baby foods thus represent one of the best solutions a parent can have to give a child the first solid food meal in his/her life. The market is presently dominated by several important organic baby food brands that have been tested, re-tested and reviewed by both parents and researchers. Lots of the items available are refrigerated or frozen, with almost a ban put on canned preservation.

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