Fruitarian Diet Pros and Precautions

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While many people have heard the term “vegetarian” for years, and most are familiar with “vegan” lifestyles, there are many who had never heard about the “fruitarian” lifestyle, until they heard a reference to it in “Notting Hill,” a romantic comedy movie. While not well known, and even made slight fun of in the movie, there actually is a group of people who are adherents to the fruitarian diet.

The main premise, when following this form of a raw vegan diet, has to do with a person limiting him or herself to only eating fruits, some varieties of seeds, and a limited selection of vegetables. Of course, much of the food selection that a fruitarian chooses for this living raw lifestyle depends on how strictly they choose to follow this diet.

While there are a number of advocates of the living raw lifestyle who claim that a fruitarian diet is healthy and safe, there are also many doctors and nutritionists who strongly disagree. Most medical doctors are unified in saying that a diet which consists only of fruit is unsafe and will not deliver sufficient nutrition to the body.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Raw Food Diet?

a raw food diet

Raw foodists are people who consume a raw food diet. Most of the time these folks undertake this style of eating to enjoy better health, and their diet consists mainly of natural foods that have not been heated, cooked, pasteurized or processed. Raw food that is grown organically is also very important to this way of eating. For many, this is considered a lifestyle choice that is known as living raw or raw foodism.

There are some variations that people decide to follow with a “go raw” diet, depending on their lifestyle choices and the overall results they are attempting to achieve. The living raw food diets include a wide variety of different raw edibles including vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts from seeds and from whole grain berries.

While it is common for people to assume that a raw food diet is also a vegan or vegetarian way of like, the reality is that a raw food diet can include meat, fish and eggs, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, many people who eat raw food diets do consume some dairy products, as long as they are unpasteurized.

However, those who do want to eat raw vegan or raw vegetarian diets would simply follow their normal food selections, but would make sure not to cook their food. Because of this flexibility, just about any lifestyle can incorporate a diet of eating raw food.

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