Broccoli Sprouts Is A Natural Detox Agent

Broccoli is one of the most versatile type of vegetables one can have today. This vegetable can be eaten raw with a dip, tossed lightly into a stir fry or steamed and served with butter. Another veg that one can consider i the broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts are just as good as broccoli and can be a nice alternative to serving broccoli in the traditional sense.

Broccoli sprouts are very easy to grow and even if you do not have a large garden, you can still be enjoying homegrown sprouts in a matter of days. This veg is great and can be eaten with sandwich and it is perfect. The nutrients in broccoli sprouts are the same as the traditional heads of broccoli that we are all used to since young.  Broccoli is extremely good for removing the hardening of the arteries.

Most of the kids will walk away from veg that they are not familiar with. If you explain to them that the sprouts are just another form of the broccoli that they see in their salad, they will be likely to get this vegetable a chance.  You can also try adding the broccoli sprouts to their familiar dishes.This is a very good way to intro the veg to your family. When sprouts are added to a beef stir fry, it blends in perfect with the other garnishing.  It is also just as easy to to add the sprouts to other dishes.

For many people, broccoli just isn’t one of their favorite foods. It is not even in their list.  For these people, the idea of eating the vegetable is really unappetizing. However, it is important to take note that the flavor of the broccoli sprouts is very different than the flavor of a head of broccoli. You must give the sprouts a try and see if you like it.  

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Vegetable Drinks

We are all familiar with vegetable drinks like Tomato Juice and V-8 Cocktail. Are they a good way to get some high quality nutrients? Probably not the best, especially since they lack most, if not all, the fiber content. They also contain LARGE amounts of sodium.

Try making your own vegetable drinks, or vegetable smoothies. Here are some sample recipes. By using raw vegetables you get ALL the nutrients, AND the fiber.

You will need a juicer for these, unless you soften the harder vegetables and then a blender will do. Just don’t use any processes that see some of the goodness thrown out. For example, my best juicer separates the juice from the pulp. I then take at least some of the pulp and use a blender to add it back to the juice. The pulp has too much goodness (and fiber) in it to just throw away.

I have 2 juicers. A small powered (and relatively inexpessive) one, and a heavier duty Champion juicer. The Champion is more powerful and much easier to clean. When you buy a juicer, try to get a look at all the parts, especially the parts that grind or crush items like carrots. Picture how easy or hard they will be to clean.

Vegetable Smoothie

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