As A Nutrient Vitamin C Powder Is Remarkable

When it comes to vitamin c there is a huge division in the industry.  The purest truest form claimed by many to be the most readily usable and digestible form for us to ingest is vitamin c powder or ascorbic acid.  Many companies and natural source pharmaceutical companies make complex source vitamin c and fortified vitamin c etc.  To many the best way to ensure you are actually getting true value of vitamin c is to ingest vitamin c powder with water at your desired intake.  In some instances some vitamin c puritans are ingesting as much as 10,000mg of vitamin c powder per day.  There is a lot of controversy over whether there is any true health benefit to ingesting such amounts of vitamin c.  As for sources of vitamin c, there are many natural sources, however ascorbic acid has been chemically synthesized since 1934 and there is no difference in results between synthesized ascorbic acid and natural sourced vitamin c.

Vitamin C Powder: Medical Miracle Or Smoke And Mirrors?

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