How Important Is Clean Drinking Water To You?

Many of us fail to realize just how important clean drinking water is for the body – did you know that the human organism is primarily water? In real numbers, we are talking of over 75%, with much of our body’s wellbeing coming down directly to the quality of the fluids within our body.

The actual break down of the body in terms of constituent’s stands at 72% plain water, 20% being hard bone and solid tissue, with the remaining 8% being a combination of chemical compounds. Looking at this from purely a biochemical standpoint, it stands to reason that the quality of fluids within the body can have a profound impact upon our overall state of wellbeing. Every life giving action that takes place within the body happens within this body of water.

The last decade has brought many medically based discoveries to the fore of our awareness, one of them being the enormous capacity of the human body to heal itself of virtually any pathology if just given the chance. By instinct, our body knows how to heal itself, and it has been found that water is the key!

Every cell within the body is governed by complex electrical signals sent via the nervous system stemming from the brain. Essentially, the nervous system is a complex array of miniscule “waterways”. For instance, if we become dehydrated, the fluid within our nerves congeals, giving way to a congested mix of synthetic and organic contaminants that distort the vital signals within the body.

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Using Juice Recipes To Boost Health

Health is becoming a major concern these days, and for good reason. The very air we breathe is full of toxins that enter our bodies and cause all kinds of problems. The processed foods we eat aren’t giving us enough of what the body needs, so although we eat three meals a day our body is still starving, but we don’t think it is since we feel “full”. It has become clear that prevention is more important than treatement.

It is quite common to feel sluggish and drained when the body lacks the proper nutrition. These are the things that oil the internal workings of our body, that feed the immune system, and that give our incredible bio-machine it’s filtering power to deal with all of the aforementioned issues like air and preservatives that make our food unhealthy. With just a few small changes in your diet… juicing once or twice a day, you can get all the benefits of increased vitimains, minerals and enzymes. Even if you are consuming the typical “Western Diet” you can benefit greatly with fresh vesgetable juice recipes. By using juicing recipes to boost your health you can get some delicious drinks that will supercharge your body’s immune system, restore your health and even help your body to fight current health issues, there are many cases of people who have reversed chronic illnesses with the proper nutrition and there is no easier way than with juice made from fresh produce.

Juicing will allow you to deliver a flood of critical nutrients that your body needs, and your body will thank you. The long term benefits are good health and the absense of many chronic illnesses. In the short term you will notice increased energy, and a clearer head just to mention a couple!

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