The Alkaline Diet Can Help You Age Gracefully

The alkaline diet is understood to have many health-related advantages, but in this article I want to talk particularly about the rewards of this diet for older adults. Why would we predict that the alkaline diet is particularly useful for folks in their golden years? Effectively, part of the solution has to do with the fact that kidney function goes down as people get older. And because the kidneys are the organs principally accountable for eliminating the acid created by the foods we eat, this makes older adults susceptible to the negative results of a low-alkaline diet.

The primary damaging effect that I want to talk about is osteoporosis. The commonest bone illness, osteoporosis happens when the body attempts to address overacidity by removing alkaline minerals from the bones. This may temporarily preserve your internal environment from becoming dangerously acidic, however, at the price of long-term bone loss. Happily, you’ll be able to forestall this from occurring by adhering to a wholesome alkaline diet.

Like your bones, your muscles can also be catabolized to free alkaline-forming minerals. Unsurprisingly, therefore, excess acidity is linked to muscle wasting. And at least one study displays that eating according to an the alkaline diet may help to preserve muscle tissue in older adults.

A third harmful effect of overacidity is elevated risk of kidney stones. Again, scientific studies suggest that eating according to an an alkaline diet might help to prevent at least some sorts of kidney stones.

Together with consistent exercise and stress management, a nourishing diet might help to prevent some of the worst aspects of growing old. Apparently, health issues that many individuals consider to be “normal” results of growing older are instead created by an unhealthy lifestyle. The good news is that if a problem is generated by a bad diet, it can be resolved by a nutritious acid alkaline diet.