The Alkaline Diet Plan For People In Their Golden Years

Practically anyone can benefit from the health benefits of the alkaline diet. The only purpose of most fad diets is rapid weight loss, but the alkaline diet is different, because it is designed to produce improved health. Weight loss is not the main goal, but for those who need to lose a few pounds, it is a common side benefit. An alkaline diet is appropriate for people of all ages, but I believe that it has especially great benefits for older adults.

When you’re young, you may be able to eat a poor diet and not see the consequences right away, but older people don’t have the same reserves. As people get older, their kidney function tends to decline. Because the kidneys are responsible for excreting the excess acid created by a low-alkaline diet, reduced kidney function can cause your body to become more acidic. In turn, a build-up of acidity in the body can put seniors at increased risk of various health problems.

For example, when the body removes alkaline minerals from the bones and uses them to neutralize acid, this process can lead to osteoporosis. This process, which might sound self-destructive, helps to keep acid from building up too much, but at the price of bone loss. By following an alkaline diet, you can prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Muscle tissue is another source of alkaline minerals, which means that excess acid production can increase the risk of muscle wasting in the elderly. At least one study has shown that the alkaline diet can help preserve muscle strength.

As you can see, older adults have a great deal to gain from the alkaline diet. In addition to the benefits that I’ve just mentioned, this healthy nutritional approach can also help to preserve kidney function, reduce the risk of kidney stones, and even reduce joint and muscle pain. Given that this natural way of eating has many benefits, why not give it a try today?