The Benefits of Vegetarianism

Benefits Of Vegetarianism

As time moves on there is an increasing belief amongst people that becoming a vegetarian may make a difference. It is surprising how many people are willing to do this but cannot grasp just how important even one person who changes is in the overall picture. While it might be true that one extra person won’t make a huge statistical difference in a world of meat-eaters, you can do a lot as an individual that will be good for you and good for hundreds of animals. One argument for making this change are the benefits it has on your health and the problems that an excess of meat causes, like heart disease; this is the most common reason for death in America and other big meat eating nations.

Many of today’s heart conditions would not be so commonplace if people did not eat so much food with high levels of cholesterol, such as dairy products and eggs. The organization Earth Save has calculated that a vegetarian has only a quarter of the chance of a heart attack as someone who has meat in their diet. Pure vegans have an even lower likelihood of a heart attack with only a 10 percent chance against a meat eater. The improvements in health do not end there if you are a vegetarian.

Preservatives which are used a great deal in meat are reduced and so are the incidences of cancer. Of course vegetarians will not be exposed to the number of additional hormones that are fed to cattle as part of their feed and will not experience some of the hormone problems people have because of this. Another substance, lactose, is also missing from their diet which has causal links with digestive conditions. In addition to health benefits you will receive as an individual by becoming a vegetarian, you will also reduce your share of the suffering human beings inflict on animals.

In fact the death toll of animals may be far greater than expected with figures in the region of 2,700 eaten by an average American in their lifetime. If you quit eating meat now, you could literally prevent the suffering and death of hundreds of animals over the course of a couple decades. In addition to this, if you stop eating eggs and drinking milk, you will also reduce your share in the suffering and death of battery hens and their offspring, as well as dairy cows. So if you haven’t worked it out by now, yes we can all make a difference both individually and collectively which should show why becoming a vegetarian is so important. An improvement in your overall health with less chance of cancer or a heart condition and the reduction of animal deaths provide a compelling argument.

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