The Cholesterol Found In Egg

The cholesterol found in daily soft boiled eggs will not raise blood cholesterol level but rather affects the blood cholesterol balance in a beneficial direction. Of course we are warned against the veiled threats that confront us covertly in the food we buy. The newly designed molecules that nature has never known, and whose chemical/biological toxicity that is only superficially studied, is an always exciting ingredient in our daily diet. I am talking about the different additives that petrochemical industry has gradually altered in our diet and consequently affect our health and quality of life or lack thereof. It is just natural to be aware of these petro-chemical products, as much should be worried when suddenly people are warned against eating something as natural as eggs. Something that is part of our daily lives. Through decades of cholesterol fear, everybody has been anxious about the mere thought of enjoying a soft boiled egg. No more than one egg a week! – Was the slogan for years.

Cholesterol is a very important substance that our body produces. It is made into protein molecules, which is capable of identifying the role of cholesterol which molecule takes. Usually, we talk about the good HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol or harmful LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein). HDL is the lifeline of cholesterol. The more cholesterol we can build into the HDL molecule the better. HDL acts as a kind of antioxidant. However, LDL cholesterol is problematic. A separate increase in LDL is not so bad, but if you have a lively free radical activity (caused by smoking, inflammatory reactions, effects of toxins, radation or stress) – as a consequence, the LDL is easily oxidized.

Byproduct LDL cholesterol is a harmful cell. It takes up a certain type of white blood cells (monocytes) which is known as ‘foam cells’ inside the wall of a blood vessel. When these foam cells die, they leave a fat streak of oxidized LDL in the arterial wall and a flurry free radicals, and so the process can continue. This is what we call atherosclerosis. This process can be inhibited. It is not because you lack egg intake! The main aim is to get rid of the formation of uncleaned LDL and it means that you should keep away from exposing your body to stresses that could lead to an over production of free radicals. It is in this situation that the diet has an influence. The diet will affect the sensitive stability relating LDL and HDL. If you grab a delicious grilled beef steak with fries and an artificially sweetened soft drinks, then you will dramatically increase the amount of oxidized LDL toxic cell.

As to the concern for cholesterol balance there is no reason to deny yourself a fried egg or a soft boiled egg: the grilled steak, fries and the cigarette will harm cholesterol balance more. Eggs serve as a very good source of some of the amino acids and protein that function as a building block in our cells.

Eggs are one big cause of allergies. But this doesn´t affect the issue on eggs as food. It has more to do with the quality of chicken feeds, washing, storage and cooking, it does not alter the egg as a well packed, tasty and healthy food. Cook egg with care and enjoy it healthwise.