The Hidden Weight Loss Factor That Helps To Burn Fat Fast: Enzymes

Enzymes are protein molecules essential for the digestion process, brain stimulation and the body’s “self repair” down to a cellular level.

The human body can not absorb or assimilate any of the nutrients in food unless enzymes go to work.

It is good for us to understand exactly what these enzymes do, especially because it helps with fast fat burning and to digest our foods.

Breaking down our foods so that they can be digested properly lets us burn fat fast.

{Our bodies generate digestive enzymes to break down the food we consume so that the nutrients within the food can be absorbed. We are designed to produce digestive enzymes ourselves.} However, due to the modern diet consisting mostly of processed foods, it is known that the average person can not produce enough digestive enzymes to effectively digest and absorb the required nutrition.

Additionally, if your body only has to work with its own digestive enzymes, your body is working so hard to create sufficient amounts of the enzymes that there is less time and energy for other functions such as rebuilding and replacing damaged cells and tissue.

If this continues as a behavior, the human body starts experiencing a lowered threshold and resistance for stress, poor digestion, food allergies, lowered immunity etc. We produce smaller quantities of enzymes as we age, so it is even more important to identify and obtain a natural source of enzymes to help our bodies.

So what food will give you digestive enzymes that will help you to repair your body, anti-age and burn fat fast?

The answer is raw food.

Enzymes are naturally present in raw food, both fruits and vegetables.These speed up your diegestion, allowing you to absorb nutrients which will greatly help you to lose weight.

Remember: digestive enzymes are only in RAW foods.

They are very delicate and when cooked, these enzymes will be destroyed. You can start by eating a fruit such as a pear or broccoli

Here’s another secret tip: add in sprouted seeds, grains and legumes. These baby plants are loaded with enzymes.

The best part about eating raw foods is that it has an anti-aging effect on the body. It’s so effective in fact that companies try to incorporate them into their cosmetic “anti-aging” products.

So go ahead, feel AND look good from the inside-out.

If you want to give your body a fast fat burning edge, make sure to add raw food to your diet.

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  1. Raw foods and their abundant enzymes are a great way to lose weight and bulk up on vital nutrients. Raw foods can leave you feeling and looking bloated, however, and this is where digestive enzymes and probiotics can help. My favorite supplement, FloraZyme, contains 18 vegetarian enzymes plus probiotics to help move food through the digestive tract in a timely way, support nutrient absorption, and reduce occasional gas and bloating.
    – Anna M, Content Writer, Nutri-Health

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