The Right Kind Of Nutrition Allows You To Experience Better Health

You are what you eat and there is no doubt about this, it doesn’t take science to reveal the secrets that our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew. The way you feel, the way you look and kind of health you enjoy is all governed by the way you nourish your body.

Eating healthy and making sure of taking the right supplements if required can prevent all kinds of dread diseases from happening in the human body. Sometimes even the simplest of fruits and vegetables eaten in the right quantities can protect and boost the immune system immeasurably. When this system is protected, virtually the entire body has an extra element of health support.

Eating the correct foods to maintain optimum health not only means eating good quantities of fruit and veggies, it also means knowing what to use in your diet which may prevent certain illnesses from occurring. It is also possible to eat certain foods if you are already suffering from an illness, for example cancer, and you want to successfully fight against the disease.

The Agaricus Blazei Muril or agaricus Brazil mushroom is a good example of a cancer fighting food. Ronald Regan researched the qualities of this food stuff which is eaten in the Amazon, he used it and credited it with successfully curing his skin cancer.

When people are cut off from civilization as we know it, they don’t get cheese in tubes or antibiotics at the local drug store. They use nutrition as a means to stay healthy and even to cure specific illnesses if they suffer from any. The foods they eat and natural remedies they use have been used by their people for millennia and they work! Their food is fresh, it is not irradiated and it is nutritious, no need for supplements is required.

Complete and wholesome nourishment of the body is widely known to prevent dread diseases. People who have become ill with serious illnesses have even been known to cure them, just by using diet and no other treatments. It also stands to reason that if you are ill and undergoing treatment, that good nutrition will help.

We are a family who experience hip, knee and other joint problems. My mother has bad knees, hips and back and my father needs a hip replacement and refuses to undergo this operation. When I started at age 49 with a hip click I decided to do something about it.

After very little research I discovered Trigosamine which is a natural health supplement which enhances the structural integrity of the tissue between the joints. It works, and needless to say my walks are a lot more comfortable, and I have also got my aged parents taking this supplement.