The Truth About Alkaline Food

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The alkaline food approach is totally different from any other dietary program currently in circulation. Instead of making foods forbidden dependent on how much saturated fat or how many calories they contain, this diet demands a balance between foods that are extraordinarily acidifying within the body and those that are more alkaline within the body.

It is relatively unimportant how acidifying they appear to be in their crude state outside the body. On the contrary, the important question is how it acts within the body after it has been metabolized and processed. The result that more than a little of the alkaline food recommended by alkaline diet proponents are designated unhealthy by numerous other diets and their supporters.


Sweet potatoes are often advocated as the top substitute for the starchy white potato, but when you eat alkaline food, you are also allowed to include potatoes of every sort. This is actually one of the most acceptable foods on the alkaline diet because of the fact that they are particularly loaded with alkaline-enhancing elements. Consequently, they are excellent options to counteract acidic foods that are consumed.

Your body will match up potato particles to acidic particles to keep your internal environment from suffering the results of excessive internal acids. There are also numerous nutrients in potatoes that your body requires to operate correctly.

Clarified Butter

All of us know that fat is bad, right? Well, on the alkaline diet, a small quantity of clarified butter, or ghee, is not always the worst thing to eat. This somewhat alkaline-producing kind of butter has been part of traditional Indian therapies for hundreds of years. And although you do need to consume saturated fat in moderation, this will happen almost automatically when you follow the alkaline diet.

On a final note, all foods must be well balanced and eaten in proper portions on the alkaline diet. Although these two foods are widely enjoyed by followers, it is not an excuse to indulge in them in gigantic portions on a regular basis.

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  1. That’s right. We should nourish the body with healthy foods from fruits and vegetables. By this way, we help our body system to become strong to combat disease and health problems.

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