The Truth About Alkaline Food

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As you start to learn about the alkaline diet and which foods have an alkaline-producing result on your internal state, you may feel that you will need to do away with everything you enjoy in exchange for good health.

Fortunately, there are some really scrumptious sorts of alkaline diet food that can be used in a wide variety of ways to recreate your favorite acidic meals.


Because they are so versatile, potatoes are a big help on the alkaline diet. They can be sliced or diced and baked or fried or mashed into a creamy whip. Whether you whip them to produce mashed potatoes or bake them in the skin, potatoes can be made into a wide number of dishes. Sliced potato can also be used lined up in a casserole to mimic lasagna noodles.

Mixed Greens

Most grocery stores stock convenient containers of mixed greens, making it quick to eat alkaline when you’re pressed for time. Add them to omelets and other hot dishes and they will cook down to add flavor and texture. Toss them into a fresh salad or add them onto your plate as a visually appealing accent.

Fresh Fruits

I think of fruits as alkaline diet foods, since they can all be interchanged and used according to the mood of your taste buds or the season. This is one of the secrets to eating nutritious alkaline food, because of the fact that you can combine different fruits to produce healthy fruit salad, or use frozen fruits to produce nourishing smoothies in minutes.

This alkaline food can even be used to cope with your cravings for sweets that are very acidic inside the body. For example, produce a wholesome strawberry smoothie by mixing frozen strawberries with rice milk, rather than having a sugary pastry! Not only will it eliminate the craving but it will give you tons of energy and keep you thinner as well.