Twelve Foods To Avoid To Lose Fat

Have you heard mom say to eat your vegetables? Well, there is good reason for this.Research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that fruits and veggies are a foundational component to everyone’s diet.They provide your body with fiber, digestive enzymes and antioxidants,minerals,vitamins, probiotics, etc.Whole foods such as vegetables and fruits are foundational for any holistic nutrition program.

Currently, we have started to run into some serious problems.Unfortunately,fruits and veggies are highly sprayed with cancer causing pesticides and herbicides.When you inhale or ingest these chemicals into our bodies, they start to destroy your body from the inside out.What really happens is that your body starts to accumulate these toxins over time making you a ticking time-bomb of problems.Because of this build up of toxins, it is really important that you become proactive in your health and not a victim of disease. Nowadays it is really smart to go through a natural weight loss and detox program is crucial. These types of programs not only restore your health and purge your body of toxins, but it will also shed fat rapidly.

The foods listed below should definitely be bought organic to avoid the amount of toxic pesticides and herbicides that go into your body.

A good rule of thumb: Any fruit, vegetable, nut or seed that is really popular and common is highly sprayed due to mass production so avoid them like the plague and buy organic.Buying organic produce that is fresh from local coops or farms is a great way to go.

If price factors put many people off, then limit your quantity of these items or only buy these items listed below in organic form.

The items listed below have the highest amount of chemical residue
1.    Strawberries
2.    Bell peppers (green and red)
3.    Spinach (tied with number 2)
4.    Cherries (grown in the United States)
5.    Peaches (grown in Chile)
6.    Cantaloupe (grown in Mexico)
7.    Celery
8.    Apples
9.    Apricots
10.    Green beans
11.    Grapes
12.    Cucumbers

Other items that are highly sprayed with chemicals are:
coffee beans
tea leaves
sunflower seeds
It’s sobering to think that even foods that are considered to be healthy in fact can be cancer causing!

I believe that the health benefits from eating fruits and vegetables outweigh the risks from ingesting the pesticides on them.Washing and peeling can significantly reduce pesticide levels.Buying locally grown and in-season also helps as produce is often treated (with fungicides) to increase shelf-life and for long-distance distribution.

Dr Charles Livingston is a structure/function doctor who specializes in advanced nutrition, detoxification and weight loss. He is also the author and creator of which teaches healthy “green” principles for shedding weight fast and naturally.