Use the Proper Nutrition To Build Muscle

Nutrition plays a very key role in muscle building. Nutrition is just as vital as exercise, when looking to increase muscle. Focusing on exercise alone will limit results in a major way.

When trying to achieve proper nutritional intake, it is important to start with dietary intake. For some supplements may be required to achieve optimal nutritional intake. There is a reason they are called supplements. They are made to fill the holes in dietary intake. Make sure to get as much nutrients from food as you can before considering supplements.

Of course as muscle mass increases nutritional needs will too. Adjust your intake as you continue to build muscle. Proper adjustments to nutritional intake will help to avoid those plateaus. To keep motivation strong it is important to avoid these weight lifting plateaus. It can be hard to come back from these motivational hits.

Most people who are concerned with their health already take a multivitamin. This coupled with proper diet may be enough in the initial stages of muscle training. It is a must to get advice from a health professional when considering muscle building. Do not ignore this. A doctors input when it comes to nutrition can be invaluable.

When building muscle the two key nutrients to focus on are carbohydrates and protein. Being as these nutrients are already part of most people’s diets it is just a matter of how much and which ones. It is important to go for the healthiest proteins and carbohydrates you can find.


Protein is an important building block of muscle. A good guideline for protein intake is 1.5 grams per pound you weigh. Chicken especially breast is a low fat and healthy protein. When building muscle fish and egg whites are also healthy proteins. Beef liver is another protein that should be mentioned. It is important not to get bored with our food choices. Combining a variety of these healthy proteins should help that.


Carbs are far too often ignored when it comes to muscle building. To provide the energy required to build muscle carbohydrates must be utilized. It is important to note how simple carbohydrates differ from complex carbohydrates. Knowing when to eat each will be vital. To illustrate a great post workout meal will consist of a healthy protein and a simple carbohydrate. This type of post workout meal will help to maximize gains. Carbohydrate intake will vary greatly for each person.

The proper nutritional intake can take your muscle building to new heights. Body building can be very beneficial on both a mental and physical level. If you are thinking about building muscle it is advisable to know the proper nutrient profile from the beginning.

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