Vitamin C Skin Care:Soft, Kissable, Skin.Thanks To Oranges?

In many ways vitamin c and skin care are match made in heaven.  Vitamin c has the main function of aiding in collagen production.  Collagen is what gives our skin cells elasticity and youthfulness.With it’s help we can renew our skin when we are wounded and also cure our bones.  Caring for our skin internally involves vitamin c, but now medicine and beauty care are trying to include it topically.  There are some hurdles to follow in this marriage of vitamin c in skin care creams and lotions. 

Vitamin c is highly unstable when utilized away from its natural formats.  It oxidizes easily and can become dangerous or ineffective for its purpose.  There is no doubt as to vitamin c’ skin care effectiveness. 

To remedy the main components problem with instability, ascorbic acid is being picked apart to find more stable usable components of the nutrient.  There are studies which show that vitamin c needs to be concentrated and applied under the appropriate conditions to be absorbed properly into our skin so as to offer us the best skin care benefits.

Products Currently Offering The Best Vitamin C Skin Care

Any products that offer vitamin cin a form that is absorbed by the skin and is concentrated is one that is going to give the best skin care and deliver the vitamin c the best.  Many products offer different derivatives of vitamin c but one of the most popular is a vitamin c skin care derivative known as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate or MAP.  This derivative is less oxidizing and more stable than L-ascorbic acid, which is natural source vitamin c.  The caution with any vitamin c skin care product is that they deteriorate in air and light, so they must be kept sealed and in cool dark areas until used up, and many do not have long shelf lives.

Vitamin c skin care products are so popular simply because amongst all the skin care products vitamin c has the most scientific proof of its actual ability to help remove fine lines, wrinkles and other skin imperfections.  It is however very hard to maintain in a product and makes it very expensive to have as a treatment.  Some spas claim that mixing vitamin c powder directly into facial creams immediately before treatment works as well, however ascorbic acid can be irritating to the skin.  Caution when looking into products for your skin make sure you talk to a professional about their process if you go to a spa.Read the ingredients of the sourcing product and the science which is claimed in their product before having it.  An average cost for a small 50ml vial of real vitamin c skin care product known as legitimate concentrate and is used in spas and other skin care facilities is about $60 to $100, so if you buy a large bottle doting vitamin c added and it has a sale sticker of $10, more than likely you are not getting the same benefits.