Vitamin D Deficiency: Fatigue, Weakness, and Other Symptoms

If you have a vitamin deficiency disease, you need to get it checked out right away. This sort of condition is more than just eating your fruits and your vegetables and drinking a lot of water. In fact, it is a serious matter. For example, if you suffer from vitamin D deficiency fatigue, you could end up slacking at work or even putting your loved ones in danger. Additionally, such a symptom could be an effect of a much larger problem. The following are some of the most common symptoms of this condition. If you are detected early you can save yourself from wastage of time and pain.

vitamin d deficiency fatigue

One of the most common symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency is fatigue. This doesn’t just mean that you have to take naps throughout the day or that you are sometimes tired and have a hard time waking up in the morning. Instead, vitamin D deficiency fatigue is a near-constant feeling that you might fall asleep or are too weak to do everything from brush your teeth to even walk to bathroom. Folks with vitamin D deficiency fatiguehave a hard time not only going to work but also doing such things like driving cars or talking to friends and family members. This symptom is one of the most commonly listed and one of the most debilitating. No matter how much a person sleeps, they may not be able to feel energized. So vitamin D deficiency fatigue is among the most severe symptoms for a person as it affects everything from one’s professional to personal life.

After vitamin d deficiency fatigue, Digestion Is Another Common Symptom

Another common symptom of a vitamin D deficiency is that a person has a hard time digesting their food. In this instance, folks may not only lose their appetite and some weight but may also experience in digestion after everything from a full-blown meal to chewing a stick of gum. Additionally, some embarrassing digestion-related side effects include diarrhea and constipation that can come up at some of the most inopportune times.

Bone Issues Is more Serious Symptom Of vitamin d deficiency

Lastly, a more serious symptom of vitamin D deficiencyis that one’s bones have become more fragile. This means that a simple trip could result in fractured or broken leg. This can be quite serious because fragile bones have a longer and more difficult time healing. Thus, vitamin D deficiency could even end a person in a wheelchair or in hospital if it is not dealt with as soon as possible.