Why am I always so tired all the time?

There are a few secret facts that you should know.

Feeling so tired most of the time (fatigue) is actually very dangerous and is stealing your very life away from you as we speak.

If you’re like most people you are finding it very difficult to maintain really good stable energy all day long. Let’s face it, everyone has heard of the two a clock afternoon crash. Why is it such common knowledge and everyone has heard of it? Because its true!

It can be really hard to make it through the day much of the time if you’re feeling fatigued. No one I know actually likes the feeling of crashing after lunch or waking up still tired in the morning or not having the energy they want to do something fun after work.

But, this is exactly how most people go through their entire lives. Then, when they just can’t take it anymore they turn to the dreaded “so called” energy drinks. We all know those crazy (fry my adrenals in a can) caffeine and sugar “health time bombs” don’t really work. Well, of course they don’t work, that’s obvious. Because if they worked no one would be tired any more, right! Sure everyone knows they don’t really work, but people are desperate!

You absolutely must have energy! Especially in today’s job market where employers are handing out pink slips (your fired tickets) like they were candy. Think about it for just a second. If you’re the boss and you’ve got to let one person go. Who do you toss out, the one who is Johnny on the spot, productive, sharp and alert? Or the one who is consistantly falling asleep at their desk and you have to wake them up every 15 minutes? I think we know who’s getting the pink slip and looking for work.

But it’s much more than that. Your consistent energy drops and fatigue are not just affecting your work, your family life and your free time. They are also stealing away big chunks of your life. We all live for our experiences. We want to have time off, take vacations or just do things we really enjoy. Well Duh, of course we do. But did you ever ask the question of why we like these things?

The answer is we like to have pleasurable experiences. We all want to experience new things, see new places explore new horizons. So, just how are you going to do that when you are so tired you can barely keep your own eyes open?

These experiences that so many people are missing out on are also our memories that we look back on with such fondness when we recount the events with friends or as we reminisce when we get older. These experiences and our memories of them represent a very big part of our life. But facts are facts, without energy you will miss out on many if not most of the experiences you should have had in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to one day be old and look back at my life and wish I would have! I.E. wish I could have done this or wish I would have done more of that. The time for doing is NOW!

I completely understand exactly what you’re going through. Why? Because not to long ago, it was me that I was really describing in the examples above. But all of that changed, literally overnight when I found the top ten ways to increase my energy.

There are actually more than ten ways to dramatically increase your daytime energy that I used from their free report, but below I will go over 2 of them for you.

1. This sounds stupid, kind of like a big Duh moment but: Drink More Water. Most people don’t know this amazing fact but over 75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. And, dehydration is the number one cause of daytime energy loss or fatigue. The method they talk about is that you fill up a certain size container of water 1st thing in the morning and then be sure that you have drunk it all throughout the day before you go to bed. The key is that you should never actually get thirsty. Why? Because being thirsty is your bodies way of telling you that your already dehydrated.

2. This second one is also kind of a another big Duh moment, but the truth is almost always simple. Eat 5 to 6 small meals (feedings) per day. Yes I know, that is what you hear all of the weight loss coaches harping on all of the time too. Well, as it turns out, the number one secret to weight loss is also one of the secrets to having all the energy you want as well. The reason it works is that when you eat small meals a lot more often you keep both insulin and your blood sugar levels stable. It’s nearly impossible to have constant free flowing energy all day long if your blood sugar is always high or low.

When you put these tricks into action and then combine them with the other 9 ways to up your energy what you have is a super simple way to finally get your life back. I know this, because it worked for me too. One of things I must admit that I loved the most out of all this is, the whole thing was free over at => http://www.doubleyourenergynow.com