Why are People Getting Fatter and Fatter?

Millions of people all over the world are getting fatter every year. Countries where obesity has never before been a problem are now facing widespread cases of obesity. It seems that nobody is safe from the ever expanding waistline. So why is the human population exploding with fat? The answer is simple: inadequate nutrition. Nutrition is something that we are severely lacking when it comes to what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat. With fast food restaurants on nearly every corner, portion sizes steadily getting out of control and even the types of food becoming more fat, sugar and preservative laden, it’s no wonder we can no longer see our own feet. However, there is a way to turn this around, and the answer lies in gaining knowledge about nutrition.

Eat for Energy

These days it is all about the taste of our food and how much we can consume, and we have forgotten that it is meant as an energy source. We should eat only to fuel our bodies for daily activities. There is only so much food our bodies can burn for energy immediately, and the excess is stored as fat in case of a famine. Spite and revenge are not the reasons our bodies pack on the weight. Fat supplies are a natural and necessary part of human functioning.Fat serves an extremely important purpose: protecting the bones, organs, and muscle as well as keeping the body warm. It also serves as a back up source of energy in case food suddenly becomes unavailable. When we overeat and the excess calories are not burned off through exercise, they are stored in the fat cells for later use. With all that we’re eating these days, that fat is accumulating at a rapid rate.

The Key is Balance

Balanced nutrition is the solution. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods, treats and desserts. To keep from gaining excessive fat stores, you just need to keep these foods to the occasional treat instead of a daily splurge. A regular intake of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats combined with nutrition supplements like vitamins will keep your body healthy. When you stick to healthy nutrition on a daily basis, your favorite fatty foods will be a great reward from time to time. As long as you are burning the extra calories off through a consistent exercise program, you can maintain a trim waistline and have a little treat once, maybe even twice a week.

If You Have a Weight Problem

If you’re already overweight and you want to lose that weight, proper nutrition along with exercise is the only way to do it. The fastest way to see weight loss success is to eat a balanced diet broken into smaller meals (6 meals works best) and workout thirty minutes or more at least three days a week. Despite the multi-billion dollar a year weight loss product industry, there is no easy way out of obesity.It does take work. If exercise scares you, relax because it doesn’t have to be super intense like you see in all the infomercials and commercials all over the TV. If you are sticking to a diet with balanced nutrition, simply walking around the neighborhood after dinner each night will burn off enough calories to produce weight loss.