Why You Should Buy Organic Meats

You have to care at least about one of these two things to start eating organic meats: your health or the environment. The difference from industrial farms is that organic livestock gets grown in a significantly higher ethical manner, without causing deforestation and an incredible annual consume of grains. Consider the following advantages specific to organic meats.

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The livestock on organic farms are not treated with drugs, hormones and antibiotics. Moreover, the foods such animals are fed on cannot be modified genetically according to the legal regulations. Organic meats therefore bring purer nutrients because of the food and the treatment that animals receive in farms. Hence, organic meats are a lot safer as compared to the non-organic products.

For instance, studies indicate that the mad cow disease is closely connected with bovines being fed on the ground remains of their same species. The disease can pass to humans when exposed to little cooked contaminated meat, the same symptoms will also be present in the human form of the disease. Organic meats result from animals that are not fed on any form of ground up animal parts and therefore pose almost no risk of infestation.

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The treatment of the animals is also important for the quality of organic foods. In factory farms, animals are kept in very small pens without the possibility to move and being crammed together permanently. Animals grown on organic farms can graze and range one special land areas without any hindrance whatsoever. This implies that the organic meats produced on such farms show superior biological characteristics usually reflected in the quality they provide.

By eating organic meats you also encourage the environment protection and the reduction of pollution resulting from manure. Industrial farms represent some of the largest polluting agents; on the other hand, small farms use the manure to fertilize the soil and thus enter it in a natural circuit that is totally harmless.

You can buy all sorts of organic meats form organic stores and local farms. The diversity is the same as with conventional food: veal, beef, chicken, pork and lamb. With organic meats you won’t have the problem of being exposed to chemical residues that are often encountered with regular meats. A good health seems closely connected with an organic diet!

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