Women Can Suffer from Thinning Hair After Childbirth Due to Hormonal Fluctuations While Being Pregnant

Many women don’t realize the extent of the changes their bodies experience during pregnancy. Most books on pregnancy discuss common issues like backaches, mood swings, and hormonal changes. However, one thing that’s commonly left out is what can happen to your hair after your pregnancy is over. Many people don’t exactly understand how hair grows. Therefore, it can be a bit more difficult to understand what happens after childbirth.

If you took a microscopic look at your scalp, you’ll find thousands of hair follicles embedded in it. Hair follicles have three stages of growth. Each one of them will go through these three cycles about 20 times during your lifetime. Below is a look at these cycles:

1.Anagen – your hair grows during this phase. Roughly 85% of your hair follicles are currently in this phase of hair growth. Hair grows continuously during this time which lasts up to seven years. It grows about half-inch a month.

2.Catagen – During the catagen phase which lasts between two and four weeks, hair will become detached from the blood supply causing the follicle to shrink in size. Whenever new hair starts forming, the bulb of the old hair will be pushed upward. Somewhere between 2 and 3% of your hair will be in this stage during any specific period.

3.Telogen – during this 3-month period, 50 – 100 hairs will fall out each day. During this phase, the follicles will become thin and weak. Once a follicle falls out, a new one will take its place.

As you have just learned, hair loss can happen every day. These cycles will occur differently while you’re pregnant. During your pregnancy, most of your hairs will be in the catagen phase. The only reason they don’t fall out is because of the hormone increase in your body. Your hair will progress to the next stage and begin to fall out after your pregnancy is over and your hormone levels return to normal. It can take up to four months before this happens though and your hair will return to its normal cycle.

It’s perfectly normal for hair to fall out after pregnancy, so you shouldn’t stress yourself about it. After your pregnancy is over, your hair will return to its normal processes. Don’t stress yourself that you’re going bald. You’re not!. Doc No. hlsoehasl-sldhgt

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