Your Guide to Child Health and Nutrition

If you have a child, regardless of their age, you are going to need to learn some important nutrition facts and become more informed on child health and nutrition and the foods that your child should be avoiding and including in their diet.

Food Pyramid

Learning about the food pyramid is the first step to understanding child health and nutrition. The food pyramid is essential if you want to know what your child needs to be healthy.

The USDA designed the food pyramid to guide healthy eating patterns for all children six years old and up. The food pyramid has five groups of food which make up a well balanced diet.

All five groups of food on the pyramid are important to child health and nutrition. Keep in mind that a serving in the food pyramid is not equal to whatever portion that you can eat at one meal. For example, when the pyramid recommends 2-4 servings of meat, but this is for the entire day not per meal.

You can choose to have all your meat servings at once or spread them out over the day.

It is also important that your children get adequate exercise in addition to proper child health and nutrition. While this once was not a problem in children, more and more little ones are overweight so exercise has become very important.

To give your child health and nutrition to keep them healthy, you are going to want to keep them from spending hours on the computer, and instead give them a time limit and then make sure they are doing something active. Anything you can get them to participate in is excellent for their health, even if it is just outside playing around with friends.

If you are still concerned about your child’s health you may want to seek out a child nutritionist to get further tips and advice. A specially trained nutritionist will be able to put your concerns to rest and give you all the information you need to keep your child healthy.